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Oak Consult

At Oak Consult we pride ourselves on helping businesses of all sizes be the best they can be. Our core services are: Business Strategy Formulation Marketing Strategy and Planning Business Change and Transformation

The League of Extraordinary Developers Ltd

We are a Noded web development agency with experience in creating web applications, websites and mobile applications for a large range of clients. We are incredibly enthusiastic about web technologies and are very comfortable working with a number of different technologies. Our experience of so many technologies allows us to think projects through thoroughly, without […]


theappleofmyi is a company based in Swanland, East Yorkshire run by Jon Moss. He partners with companies, organisations and brands to ensure their business is a success, through focused communication, web presence that works and customer engagement. He specialise in the areas of digital communication, online marketing, creating communities that benefit all parties and understanding […]


We understand technology, we understand business, and we bring this knowledge together to deliver great products. We balance technical excellence, creative flair, and commercial experience to deliver projects for our clients that excite and inspire them and help grow their businesses. Providing skills, expertise, and advice on business and strategic decisions, we help organisations focus […]